Regulations for

Association of Danish Light-commercial Producers

§ 1

The associations name is Association of Danish Light-commercial Producers.
The association’s interest is in the whole of Denmark.

§ 2

The goal of the association is to promote the joint cooperation and to ensure the members interest both as a trade and commercially. The association must also make information work on light commercial, work for a higher quality level and a consisting case treatment.

The associations founds must only be used on documented trade related purposes in agreement with the associations purpose.

§ 3

1. In the association an agreeable board can grand any company membership, who’s main occupation is within the production and montage of light commercial which are

A) Has been established for a least 2 years
B) Is well established both financially as in the trade
C) That production of significant components like sign boxes, neon displays, working in plastic, metal is taken place in own workshops
D) That equipment and qualified employees for montage and service of sign and light commercials are available.

Any problems must be presented to the general board and has to be accepted be 2/3 of the members and this decision is final

2. Senior membership: As senior member a former producer/manager in companies, which I a numbers a years has been active members in the association can be obtained. A senior membership is cost free and gives the member the right to participate in all the association meetings and arrangements with exception of the general board meetings, DLP’s board can, if it find it appropriate totally or partly keep the senior members cost free in the participation in the associations meetings

3. Also the board as associated (passive) member grand suppliers with association to DLP’s membership, who is not direct or indirect competitors to these. Associated members have the right to participate in all DLP’s meetings and arrangements with exception of the general board meetings. Associated members has not the right to use DLP’s logo

§ 4

A resignation must happen in writing to the general board and can only happen with 6 months notice to the 1 of January.

By a resignation the contribution to already planned costs the following year, which would have be paid by the member before the resignation has taken place will still be collected.

A member who violets the agreements in the association or harms it reputation, can be excluded by the association. This decision demand 3 of the boards members vote and can be appealed to the general board, where 2/3 majority is demanded of the decision. Excluded or resigned members only rejoin in the association after a general board meeting.

An excluded or resigned member’s o the association has the right to a part to the association’s possible assets

§ 5

The yearly membership fee is decided at the normal general board meeting and must be paid latest on the first of April.

§ 6

The general board is the highest Law administrationin all of the associations concerns.

The general board meeting will be held west from the great belt on even years and east from the great belt, and is summon by the board with at least 14 days notice by either email or recommended letter.

The notice must contain an agenda

§ 7

The normal general board meeting is kept ever year by the end of February month.Extra ordinary general board meeting it kept after the board’s decision or after 5 member’s written motion, with the suggestions, which are put forward on the general board meeting.

The summon to this general board meeting must happen trough email or letter at least 14 days after, the written motion has been received and the general board meeting must be held at least 4 weeks hereafter.

§ 8

The agenda for the normal general board meeting must contain:

A) Selection of speaker
B) The boards notice of the associations activities in the year passed
C) The presentation of the financial accounts and budget for the coming year, here under the board recommendation about the surplus distribution, the membership fee and other contributions
D) Elections to the board
E) Election of stand inns
F) Election of accountant
G) Incoming suggestions from members with voting rights or board members
H) Various

Suggestions from members with voting rights, which wants to be considered at the normal general board meeting, must be delivered to the association lasted on the 15 of January.

§ 9

The general board is lead by one of the general board selected speaker

§ 10

On the general board meeting only active members, which has paid the fallen membership fee has a voting right and every member as one vote. The voting right can be use with a power of attorney.

All active members as a obligation to meet up to the general board meeting. If a member is not represented in person or by the power of attorney, a fine of DKK 500,00, will fall to the association.

All selections must be in writing, if it motion is put forward by a member.

§ 11

On the general board meeting all decisions are accepted by simple majority. This does however not include the association Regulations and dissolvent.

All changes in the Regulations, hereunder the dissolvent of the association, demand at least half of the members with voting right to be present on the board meeting, and at least 2/3 of they represented members must vote for the Regulations change

Does 2/3 of the new board meeting represented members with voting right vote for the suggestion; the suggestion is accepted and is not depended of that on the new board meeting has been representatives from more the half of the members with voting rights.

§ 12

Regarding the minuets of meetings on the board meeting, must be approved of the board on the next board meeting, and must be seen as evidence in every case.

§ 13

The association it been lead by a board of 5 members, who are selected by the general board meeting. At least 2 board members must resign at every year’s board meeting. Re election can take place.

The board is without salary, but can hire paid assistants

§ 14

The board has the overall leadership of the association affairs.

No decision can be made on a board meeting, why no minority of board members are present. Decisions made by simple minority. In case of equal votes the chairman’s vote will decide.

The protocol of the board meeting, must by signed by the present members of the board, at the next coming board meeting.

§ 15

The association represent 2 members of the board or the chairman along.

§ 16

On every years board meeting a licensed accounted it selected.

The accounted can be re-elected.

§ 17

The associations account is based on the calendar year.

Approved on the general board meeting. The 3 of February 2006.