Dansk Stålfundering

Dansk Stålfundering is a market leader in the sale and establishment of steel foundations.

Dansk Stålfundering is a company that has become a specialist in the sale and installation of all types of steel foundations.

Dansk Stålfundering sells and produces the market's largest range of point foundations, be it wing foundations, screw foundations, pipe foundations, Jordankre and div. burial foundations.

If you can not / will not be responsible for the actual assembly of the steel foundations, Dansk Stålfundering can carry out that part of the project. Dansk Stålfundering can also offer the establishment of traditional concrete point foundations.

The company is nationwide with branches in both Jutland and Zealand.

In addition to the establishment of div. point foundations, Dansk Stålfundering can offer installation of noise screen projects, div. lighting masts and signs / pylons in Denmark as well as Sweden and Germany.

Steel foundation is an efficient and simple foundation method that easily maneuvers conventional foundations due to lower costs, shorter installation time, less space requirements and not least a much simpler establishment without the use of excavation work and soil disposal. Finally, foundations with steel foundations are a very durable solution for virtually all types of urban furniture, noise barriers, telecommunications cabins, lighting masts and signs, etc.

Since the installation of steel anchors takes place by demolition, we can install steel anchors all year round - even in winter, when the ground can be frozen.
Dansk Stålfundering can act as a total supplier and is actively involved in the entire process from the initial designs, geotechnical investigations to the establishment of a foundation and subsequent installation of noise barriers, light masts etc.

Our expert knowledge in all facets of point foundation and analysis makes us a preferred partner for consultants, contractors and municipalities who can safely leave the complete foundation and assembly work in our care. In addition to meeting the Danish Road Directorate's standards for foundations along road sections, we have a team of fitters with many years of experience and safety courses in work and traffic on busy roads and railway sections.

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Tel.: +45 4494 6768

E-mail: kontakt@danskstaalfundering.dk
Website: www.danskstaalfundering.dk